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Secret Filming Lifts Lid on Diseased Scottish Salmon

Press Release: "Secret Filming Reveals Shocking Images of Unhealthy Scottish Salmon" (4 September 2018)

Watch shocking video footage via "Secret Filming Inside Scottish Salmon Farms - Diseased & Deformed Farmed Salmon (& Lice-Infested ‘Cleaner Fish’)"

Please help put Scottish salmon under the microscope - if you find any problems on salmon farms,  examples of illegal labeling in supermarkets, tip-offs of pollution and disease problems or have suggestions for future investigations please contact Don Staniford (  

Find out more about Scottish salmon's problems including lice, diseases, mortalities, wastes, escapes, chemicals, contaminants and the killing of seals.  Track the news online here; access FOI data online here and read a report on the environmental impacts of salmon farming by the Scottish Parliament (5 March 2018) online here


The mortality rate on Scottish salmon farms is 26.7% - that's 15-20 million dead fish!

In December 2017, the BBC's 'The One Show' broadcast shocking footage of leaking fluid wastes from haulage trucks on 'The Dead Salmon Run'.  That's only half the sordid story of how Scottish salmon ends up on supermarket shelves.  Keep track of Scottish salmon online here and via Hard Evidence: Dossier of Data on Lice, Diseases & Mortalities at Scottish Salmon Farms 


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The list of diseases reported on Scottish salmon farms includes Amoebic Gill Disease, Anaemia, Cardiomyopathy Syndrome, Pasteurella skyensis, Salmon Gill Poxvirus and Pancreas Disease.  Mmmm.   Read more online here 



Over a quarter (26.7%) of Scottish salmon die each year on farms in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland.  That present a huge problem for the disposal of morts (dead salmon) which exceeded 20,000 tonnes in 2017 and are estimated at well over 10 million (perhaps as high as 20 million).  More details online here

Seals Killed


You may be shocked to discover that dozens of seals are killed each year by Scottish salmon farms (even those certified by the RSPCA).  The seal killers are headed by Marine Harvest, Loch Duart, Scottish Sea Farms & the Scottish Salmon Company (all members of the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation and RSPCA certified).  Read more online here  and download the latest 2017 data online here and 2011-2016 data online here



Parasites called sea lice have exploded on Scottish salmon farms - as lice have become resistant to toxic chemicals (read the latest data online here).  New mechanical treatments such as the Thermolicer (a washing machine for lice-ridden farmed salmon) are being used but tens of thousands of salmon are dying each year (read more online here).  

FOI Data


Thanks to Scotland's powerful Freedom of Information laws we have been able to access damning data on toxic chemicals, seals killed, lice levels, diseases, mortalities and other problems.  Read more online here (warning: have the sick bag handy)!



The bad news about Scottish salmon just keeps on coming - as the can of worms is being opened.  A Scottish Parliamentary inquiry into salmon farming during 2018 will lift the lid even further (read more from the Environment Committee online here).  Keep track of the news online here.

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Scottish Parliament Inquiry


The Scottish Parliament is conducting an inquiry into salmon farming during 2018 - with a call for written evidence by the Rural Economy & Connectivity Committee (deadline of 27 April) and a report from the Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform Committee in March

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Keep track of the news online here and read the latest press releases online here

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Scottish Salmon - Worst in the World!


Scottish Salmon 101


Read an introduction to Scottish salmon farming's problems online here


Watch the BBC's 'The One Show' with Joe Crowley reporting on "The Dead Salmon Run" - watch more videos online here

Scottish Scamon - Greenwashing labels to watch out for

RSPCA Assured


Read more about how the RSCPA has branded 70% of Scottish salmon production as "welfare friendly" online here and online here

ASC Certified


Read how the Aquaculture Stewardship Council is greenwashing toxic farmed salmon via "Abominable Salmon Council: buyer beware!" and "WWF greenwashes Marine Harvest"

Global Salmon Initiative


Read about the Global Salmon Initiative's sustainability scam via "EXPOSED: Scottish Salmon's Sustainability Scam"

Label Rouge


Read how the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation's 'Label Rouge' scheme is a rogue label via "Red Alert for Label Rouge - Lousy Label Goes Rogue

Lochmuir (M&S)


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The Off Menu - Choose Your Poison?

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Lobster Killing Roll?


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Chlamydia Chowder?


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Can't sleep at night for worry about the dangers of farmed salmon? Then please read on - you can find out more via other web-sites including Alexandra Morton; Farmed Salmon Boycott; Farmed & Dangerous and GAAIA.

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Video Reports

Watch David Ainsley explain how salmon farms pollute the sea-bed

Watch Howard Wood of COAST explain how salmon farming off the Isle of Arran is a "smelly mess"

Watch John Robins of Save Our Seals Fund explain how salmon farming kills seals 

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