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Investigative Research


Freedom of Information requests has amassed data on diseases, toxic chemicals, contaminants, pollution, seal killings, mortalities and other horrors of Scottish salmon farming.  Read more online via Freedom For Fish.   Don Staniford is also the author of "The One That Got Away: Marine Fish Farming in Scotland" (2001); "Sea Cage Fish Farming: an evaluation of environmental and public health impacts " (2002); "A Big Fish In a Small Pond" (2002); "Closing the Net on Sea Cage Fish Farming" (2003); "Silent Spring of the Sea" (2004); "Fish Farmageddon: The Infectious Salmon Aquacalypse" (GAAIA, 2011); "Five Fundamental Flaws of Sea Cage Fish Farming" (2014) and "Scottish Salmon Farming 101" (2018). 

Supermarket Protests


We've been involved in co-ordinating protests outside supermarkets since 2001.  Please help us spread the word that we need to just say no to farmed salmon.  Take the pledge to boycott Scottish salmon now! Email:   

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Don Staniford is an award-winning campaigner and author.   In 2002, he was awarded the Andrew Lees Memorial Award at the British Environment & Media Awards.   In 2005, he won the Roderick Haig-Brown BC Book Prize for “A Stain Upon the Sea: West Coast Salmon Farming” (co-authored with Alexandra Morton, Stephen Hume, Otto Langer, Betty Keller and Rosella Leslie). 

Bogey Man


Norway's state broadcaster NRK  described Don Staniford as a "hair in the soup of the global salmon farming industry" and Intrafish dubbed him the salmon farming industry's "No. 1 enemy".  EcoAmericas described him as “a man on a mission against sea-cage salmon farming” whilst the New Zealand Herald referred to him as “the fish farm bogeyman”.  

Delivering the Message


In 2009, Don Staniford delivered a letter to the King of Norway asking him to stop the killing of wild fish by Norwegian salmon farming companies.   In 2015, Don Staniford delivered a letter to Her Majesty the Queen (as royal patron of the RSPCA) asking her to stop the killing of seals by RSPCA Assured salmon farms.

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Norwegian Companies


Norwegian-owned companies (including Marine Harvest, Scottish Sea Farms and Grieg Seafood) control ca. 70% of salmon farming in Scotland.  Scottish salmon farming is effectively a shop-front for Norwegian companies peddling lice-infested and disease-ridden fish.  

Don Staniford at the National Geographic store in London