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Report: "The State of Scottish Salmon Farming in 2018"


Report (February 2019)


Read press release online here 

Shooting Times (Oct 2018)


Daily Mail (Sept 2018)


Read article via Daily Mail: "Why saving our salmon distresses our dolphins - noise devices to scare predators also put marine mammals at risk""

Campbeltown Courier (Sept 2018)


The Ferret (Sept 2018)


Scottish Parliamentary Inquiry During 2018

Rural Economy Committee


Read more via "About the Inquiry" and watch video report via "Parliamentary Committee to scrutinise the farmed salmon industry in Scotland".  More details via  Press Release: "Scrutiny for Scottish Salmon" and read the report on the environmental impacts of salmon farming (5 March 2018) online here.  Read news coverage via  Press Update: Scottish Salmon Slapped!  

Environment Committee


In early 2018, the Scottish Parliament's Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform (ECCLR) Committee undertook an inquiry into the environmental impact of salmon  farming in Scotland.  Oral evidence was heard in January & February with written evidence submitted by 8 February.  A report by the ECCLR Committee was scheduled to be sent to the Rural Economy & Connectivity Committee in early March.  Read more via "Environmental impacts of salmon farming" and read the final report published on 5 March 2018 online here.

Scottish Association of Marine Science Report


In January 2018, the Scottish Association of Marine Science submitted a report to the Scottish Parliament.  Read more via "Review of environmental impacts of salmon farming in Scotland".

Written Evidence


Over 85 written submissions are available via the Scottish Parliament's Environment Committee - read online here.  Read more via "Update: Written evidence to Scottish Parliament salmon farming inquiry".  Scottish Salmon Watch's written submission to the Rural Economy & Connectivity Committee (13 March) is online via  Hard Evidence: Dossier of Data on Lice, Diseases & Mortalities at Scottish Salmon Farms 

Petition from Salmon & Trout Conservation


FOI - The Power of Freedom of Information!

Opening the Can of Worms


Freedom of Information has the power to open up the can of worms that is Scottish salmon farming.  Read more via Scottish Salmon Farming's Room 101 and "Gaining Transparency: using the FOIA process to track down data on the impacts of fish farming".   

Freedom For Fish


Thanks to FOI's filed by the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (and others) there is a raft of information on the problems of Scottish salmon.  Read online here

Victory for FOI


In February 2018, the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation pledged to make public site-specific data on diseases, lice and mortalities.  Read more via "Victory for Freedom of Information" and  Holyrood: "Salmon producers agree to publish reports on fish deaths"

EXPOSED: Lice-Infested Salmon Farms - The Full Monty!


Thanks to Salmon & Trout Conservation (Scotland) we now have site specific data on Scotland's liciest  salmon farms - 62 in total including farms operated by Marine Harvest, Loch Duart, the Scottish Salmon Company, Scottish Sea Farms, Grieg Seafood & Cooke.  Read more via:  "FOI Number Five – getting you the information they don’t want you to see!"; "Scottish salmon farming’s ‘liciest’ farms named and shamed"; "Scotland’s worst sea lice offenders: Full Farm List".   

EXPOSED: Seal-Killing Salmon Farms!


In 2015, a landmark ruling by the Scottish Information Commissioner forced the Scottish Government to publish data on salmon farms killing seals.  Read more via  "Campaigners welcome ruling on seal shooting disclosure"; "Victory: Disclosure of Seal-Killing Salmon Farm Data Ordered by 21 August" and "Salmon farms that slaughter protected seals to be 'named and shamed' after landmark ruling".   

Thanks to Bruce Sandison & the Scottish Information Commissioner


Much of the data now available on Scottish salmon farms stems from a FOI filed by award-winning campaigner and angling author Bruce Sandison who won a landmark ruling from the Scottish Information Commissioner in 2006.  Bruce's legacy lives on in the mountain of information now available on the problems of salmon farms.  Read more via "Victory for Freedom of Information".