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Noisy Salmon Farms - Switch Off Acoustic Deterrent Devices!

Campaigners are calling for an immediate ban on Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADDs) used on salmon farms - sign a petition online here.

Read more via Sounding Off On Salmon Farms - Acoustic Deterrent Devices evade Marine Noise Registry  

US Ban on Seal-Killing Scottish Salmon

Exposed: Scottish Government lobbying against US ban


US Ban by 2022


Read the notification by US Government on 16 March 2018 online here.   Read more via NOAA's List of Foreign Fisheries  



Herald: "US warning over continued killing of seals by Scots fish farms"


Seal Killers



The RSPCA earn ca. £1 million per year by accrediting Scottish salmon farms via their RSPCA Assured scheme - with 70% of Scottish salmon farming production now RSPCA Assured.  Shamefully, the RSPCA standards sanction the killing of seals.  Read more via "Carry on killing says RSPCA" and  Herald: "RSPCA attacked for fresh support for Scots seal shooting to protect salmon"

Marine Harvest


Scotland's #1 salmon farming company, Marine Harvest, is also one of Scottish salmon farming's leading seal killers with over 100 seals killed 2011.  All Marine Harvest's salmon farming production is accredited by RSPCA Assured.  Read more via  "RSPCA in firing line over Marine Harvest's seal-killing 

spree  in Scotland - 118 seals killed by Marine Harvest's RSPCA Assured farms  since 2011"  and Seal Killing Data 2011-2017: Scottish Government Seal Licensing Returns 

Loch Duart




Sainsbury's source salmon from Marine Harvest - Scottish salmon farming's leading seal killer with over 100 seals killed since 2011 (all accredited via RSPCA Assured).  Read more via "Save Our Seals Sainsbury's"

Scottish Sea Farms


Scottish Sea Farms was Scottish salmon's #1 seal killer between 2011 and 2017 and killed 33 seals in 2014 - with 189 seals killed between 2011 and 2017.  Read more via "Cecil the Seal Killers Named & Shamed in Scotland" and watch video report via "Scottish Seal Killers".

Video Reports

Marine Harvest's seal slaughter in Loch Alsh


Watch video report online here

Mark Carter of Marine Concern


 Watch video report online here 

John Robins of Save Our Seals Fund


 Watch video report online here 

ITV News


 Watch video report online here 

Marine Harvest: Stop Shooting Seals!


 Watch video report online here 

Scottish Sea Farms (aka Scottish Seal Killers)


 Watch video report online here 

ITV News: "Salmon industry under fire for shooting seals"