Secret Filming Inside Scottish Salmon Farms

Check out video footage of diseased & deformed farmed salmon and lice-infested 'cleaner fish'

Mmmmm Maggot-Infested Scottish Salmon

Dead farmed salmon infested with maggots at Scottish Sea Farms's site at Tanera in the Summer Isles (1st September 2018) 

Shocking Footage of Unhealthy Salmon at Scottish Fish Farm

Videos & Films

Salmon Confidential

Watch 'Salmon Confidential' - a film by Twyla Roscovich - online here (watch other films by Twyla Roscovich online here).

Farmed Salmon Exposed

Watch 'Farmed Salmon Exposed' - a film by Damien Gillis and The Pure Salmon Campaign - online here 


Watch 'Salmonopoly' - a film by Wilfried Huismann and Arno Schumann - online here

'The Dead Salmon Run' on the BBC's One Show

Watch 'The Dead Salmon Run' by Joe Crowley on the BBC's 'One Show' online here 

Global 300

Watch Global 300 reporting on "The Problem With Farmed Salmon" online here


Watch various video reports on Don Staniford's You Tube channel online here


Watch "Fillet-Oh-Fish" by Nicolas Daniel online here 

RTE's Prime Time

Watch RTE's Prime Time investigation into salmon farming in Ireland online here

Blood Water

Watch Tavish Campbell's "Blood Water" online here

Salmon Wars

Watch "Salmon Wars" -  a documentary film by Silver Donald Cameron and Chris Beckett - online here

Greed of Feed

Watch - "Greed of Feed: what's feeding our cheap farmed salmon?" - by The Ecologist Film Unit online here

ABC's 4 Corners

Watch ABC's '4 Corners' investigation of salmon farming in Australia online here 

Toxic Salmon from Norway

Watch a video report from the Green Warriors of Norway online here 

PBS's Frontline

Watch PBS's Frontline on "The Fish On My Plate: Norway's Salmon Farming Crisis" online here 

Financial Times

Watch the Financial Times reporting on "Scottish fish farmers fight sea lice" online here

BBC Countryfile (2009)

John Craven from BBC's Countryfile reporting on Scottish salmon farming - watch online here 

BBC Countryfile (2013)

Tom Heap from BBC's Countryfile reporting on Scottish salmon farming - watch online here

BBC Countryfile (2017)

Tom Heap from BBC's Countryfile reporting on Scottish salmon farming - watch online here

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society reporting on how "Salmon Farming is Factory Farming" - watch online here

Alexandra Morton

Alexandra Morton taking "A look inside salmon farms" - watch online here 

CTV's W5

CTV's W5 asks "Are fish farms pushing  salmon towards extinction?" - watch online here

Chef Marcus Guiliano

Chef Marcus Guiliano reporting on "The problem with ALL salmon farms" - watch online here

Oceans Future Society

Jean-Michel Cousteau of the Oceans Future Society reporting on "Farmed Salmon: Unhealthy & Unsustainable" - watch online here 

Sub Media

Sub Media's Stimulator reporting "Indigenous People Invade Illegal Fish Farms" - watch online here

New Canoe Media

New Canoe Media reporting on "Salmon People: The risks of genetically engineered fish for the Pacific Northwest" - watch online here

Watershed Watch Salmon Society

Watch Damien Gillis's "Aquacultural Revolution: The scientific case for changing salmon farming" online here

Common Sense Canadian

Watch "Shocking New Footage Reveals Devastation Beneath Salmon Farms" online here

APTN's Salmon Warriors

Watch APTN's "Salmon Warriors" online here

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera reporting on "Salmon eating sea-lice effect Scotland’s fish exports" - watch online here

Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland

Watch Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland's "The Demise of Loch Maree: Eaten Alive - the end of an era" online here