The Horrors of Salmon Farming

Sick & Diseased

Read more about the welfare problems on salmon farms via Compassion in World Farming's reports: "In Too Deep: the welfare of intensively farmed fish" and "Closed Waters"

Thermoliced to Death

Mechanical lice treatments such as the Thermolicer and Hydrolicer (huge washing machines for lice-infested farmed salmon) have killed tens of thousands of Scottish salmon since 2016.  Read more via "Scottish intensive salmon farming plumbs new depths" and "Scottish Salmon's Mort Mountain Leaps Over 10 Million"

Fish Farmageddon

Read more about the terrible conditions on salmon farms via  "Farmageddon" and "Fish Farmageddon: The Infectious Salmon Aquacalypse"

Poisoned to Death!

Tens of thousands of farmed salmon have died on Scottish salmon farms due to overdosing and poisoning with toxic chemicals such as Hydrogen Peroxide and Azamethiphos (not to mention kills of shellfish).  Read more via "Scottish Salmon's Mort Mountain Leaps Over 10 Million"

Super-Liced Salmon!

Super-size your Happy Salmon meal with lice infestations and a large portion of infectious diseases?  Read more about Scotland's liciest salmon farms online here (note that ca. 70% of Scottish salmon is owned by Norwegian companies and investors).   

Eaten Alive!

Salmon crammed in cages are eating alive by sea lice parasites - and can spread lice to wild fish.  Read more via "Wild trout ‘eaten alive by sea lice from fish farms’"; "Fish farm lice are killing wild salmon" and "Supermarket salmon riddled with sea lice"  

Letter to Cross-Party Group on Animal Welfare

Video report: "Salmon Farming is Factory Farming"


What happens when Alexandra Morton gets 10 minutes on a salmon farm with a GoPro and a pole?   

Closed Containment - Panacea or Problem?

Low Tar - Salmon Farming Light

Closed containment operations are certainly not immune to disease and virus problems.  Read more via "Virus Alert at 'Cracked' Closed Containment Farm!".   

The Lesser of Two Evils is Still Evil

CBC News reported in March 2018: "About 600,000 salmon smolts had to be killed following an outbreak in  February of infectious salmon anemia at two land-based fish farms in  Nova Scotia".   

There's No Right Way to do the Wrong Thing

Welfare Nightmare

If closed containment means cramming even more farmed salmon - a migratory species - in a confined space it will be even more of a welfare nightmare.  Read more via "Closed Waters: the welfare of farmed fish". 

Open to Closed Containment

Salmon & Trout Conservation "has been calling for closed containment farming for years".  Read more via "BBC’s ‘Fish Farms of the Future’ – Our Comments on Closed Containment".